Mandich Residence - Project Overview

This project was completed over several years. A little was finished each year and some updates made throughout the process. The owners had many ideas in mind when they purchased the home. They wanted room for family when everyone would gather at their home and they have a beautiful view of the lake that they wanted to enjoy from their screened in porch.

Natural, mixed Bluestone was used for a floor in the screened in porch and a matching patio was designed to create a lovely seating space overlooking the lake. A flagstone path meanders from the front of the house through the lush plantings of unusual mixed trees, evergreens, and ground covers. Terracing and a natural stone stairs continue to the lake for easy access.

Privacy plantings were carefully chosen and placed to provide to disguise a common area sidewalk. Japanese Maples, beautiful conifers, and ground covers were used to accomplish just the right mix and privacy.

The next project was to create an area for the owners’ extensive collection of grills and smokers. The same mixed Bluestone was again carefully installed to accommodate these items. A walk and stone staircase was then installed to connect the upper deck, grilling area, and patio from the other side of the house.

Irrigation was installed as all the projects were completed. Seasonal containers with drip irrigation are on the front porch to create a colorful “Welcome Home” year round.


The house is situated on a very narrow lot. All of the materials had to be carried in and out by hand and with carts. No equipment except a sod cutter, partner saw, and compactor could be used.

Next up; creating curb appeal. Very satisfying seeing a home progress from hum drum to family friendly!

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