Sisters Nancy Small-Marshall and Becky Small-Whitacre bring two lifetimes of landscaping experience to their business. Ever since they can remember, they’ve been a part of the landscaping industry. Today, they lay claim to a business that prides itself on their extensive knowledge of plants and trees and obsession for the details. Their commitment to each of their clients and craft continues to bring new life to backyards and businesses throughout the country. Our portfolio includes landscaping for Oprah Winfrey, Benessere Vineyards in Napa Valley, California and baseball greats Ron Kittle and Carlton Fisk.

Quality Is Not an Act, It Is A Habit

Small’s Landscaping in Valparaiso is focused on designing, building, and maintaining residential outdoor living spaces for the affluent. Their commitment to quality is well-suited to high-end residential clientele, people who value quality as much as their owners, Nancy and Becky. Small’s moved away from competitive bid jobs because construction knowledge and quality take a back seat to a low bid. When a job is awarded based on quality and value Small’s shines. You’re going to win people over when you can walk onto a property and identify drainage or structural problems and authoritatively explain how you will fix them.

Small’s isn’t trying to be the largest, fastest or cheapest company. They are working to be the best company. They are building a name and creating an image for themselves that people will seek out and say, “I want Small’s Landscaping to do my project.” They offer the total package. From the minute they show up for the initial consult to the minute they finish and walk away from the project the goal is always the same, to satisfy the client and go above and beyond to surpass their every expectation. Smalls has something no one else in the area can offer. They have their design which will be structurally sound, functional, and completely unique to the property and the tastes, needs and desires of the client. Another company will not have the same skilled labor and they will not have Nancy and Becky. Their combined 60+ years of experience translate into consummate professionalism. They have seen it all and are always at the leading edge of landscape design.

The crews at Small’s Landscaping are the best in the business. The culture at Small’s is very special. The employees are taught to do it right. Small’s has their certain way of doing things and every project is an example of that. Maintaining a positive company culture is key to hard-working employees who are invested in the work they do. Small’s employees are treated with respect and that motivates them. You will see it in their attitudes. They are happy and respectful to clients. The clients are thrilled with them. They keep the jobsites clean. They like working for Small’s Landscaping and they love what they do. They work very hard.

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