Stevick Residence - Project Overview

The clients have an absolutely gorgeous home and had horrible landscaping.  There was a very large yellow/brown deck hanging off the back of the home.  We met with the home owners to discover their vision for the project..  By asking questions, sharing pictures, and listening to their wants and needs we were able to design the entire property and create a back yard masterpiece.

It was very important to have symmetry to achieve this design.  Hicks Yew, Boxwood, and Hornbeam hedges were installed throughout the property.  Pairs of Riversii Beech, Purple Robe Locust, Emperor 1 Japanese Maples, and Amelanchiers were strategically planted.  All plantings were used to accentuate the walking patios and fireplace to subtly lead you from one beautiful area to the next.

By eliminating some steps to and from the house we brought the grade up created an inviting environment.  Thirty-three tons of flagstones were used to build two separate seating areas and several walkways that wind through the landscape.  The patio will remain problem-free for many years to come. This was achieved by installing drain stone under the entire patio and walk areas.  The base is a natural drain that allows water to pass through it.  This is important because of the high clay content of the soil on site.  We then installed a 300’ French drain and buried all the downspouts to ensure no future water problems.

The flagstone itself has many larger than pallet size pieces.  These were sorted and carefully puzzled together by our experienced, dedicated, hardscaping teams.  Smaller pieces were meticulously cut to fill in any open spots.  By cutting the stone and using cut off saws, very small joints of less than ¼” were achieved.  These joints were then filled with polymeric sand.

Following completion of the actual stone work we finished the project by installing 320 yards of Pulverized soil to raise the grades for planting beds and lawn areas throughout the three acre property.  107 yards of mulch were applied to all planting beds and sod layed in lawn areas.

The home owners love the finished result.  Previously they wouldn’t even venture out into the back yard because it was so amazingly uninviting.  Now they are out there whenever the weather allows the fireplace extends the time spent outdoors through the fall and spring.  It has been a complete transformation.

We received an email once or twice a month from the owners saying how much they “love their new landscaping.”  Containers were placed and are changed throughout the seasons.

Plantings of Hydrangeas, Roses, Dwarf Butterfly Bushes, perennials, & ground covers added the necessary color to the landscaping.  The completion of the project was concluded with the installation of irrigation.

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