Largura Residence - Project Overview
Project Highlights
  • Moss rock facades
  • Flagstone path
  • Teak bench seating
  • Various burgundy leaf trees
  • Raised planting beds

The homeowner gave the designer free reign for this project. Having worked with the client for several years, trust has been established. It turned out to be enjoyable experience for everyone. On a buying trip to Oregon many of the plants were chosen specifically for this client. Knowing that we would have complete control of all aspects of the maintenance gave complete confidence to create an over the top, one-of-a-kind design.

The Largura property provides many challenges in maintenance. With so many rare and unusual plants each one has its own growing schedule. A cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all, approach will not do. Each plant was specifically selected for its location. The design requires that many plants remain close to their existing proportions. This is accomplished through painstaking hand pruning of each individual plant as well as in-depth knowledge of the growing habits of each plant. As the landscape has matured we have kept it looking absolutely fantastic through meticulous, detail-oriented work.

The project was designed to limit the required maintenance in some areas. For example, we planted thousands of ground cover plants that have grown together into beautiful carpets of color. This limits the amount of mulch needed seasonally. As far as mulch goes we always remove old mulch before reapplying. We go to homes all the time where this step is not done and the plants really suffer and get choked out by the excessive mulch. That does not happen here.

Our crew visits the home monthly for routine weed pulling and trimming when appropriate and necessary. We also change out all of the container plantings seasonally. This allows us to keep an eye on everything and the landscape shows. The best way to keep up on the maintenance here is to just stay ahead of any problems. We have experienced weed outbreaks from time to time and by being at the property regularly those never get the better of us. It also helps that we are in this particular neighborhood weekly so we can catch anything uncoifed immediately. The most important thing is that the client is happy. He doesn’t need to call us or remind us about anything. We just get the job done.

Hundreds of Tulips are planted yearly to ensure blooms each spring. When they are finished blooming, annuals are planted for the summer growing season. Mums, Cabbage, and Kale replace the annuals for fall. This rotation guarantees splashes of color through every season.

Containers are filled in March or early April with early blooming plants and interesting berries, twigs, and greenery. These are switched out in May with annuals. In October we go with Mums, Cabbages, Kale, dried flowers and grasses for fall beauty. After Thanksgiving we decorate their winter containers. Southern Magnolia leaves, Pepper Berries, Berried Eucalyptus, Holly, mixed greens and painted twigs are used. Swags of mixed garland are installed along railings and Christmas lights woven in.

Irrigation times are adjusted on an as-needed basis. All containers have their own zone using drip irrigation to ensure proper watering.

Our maintenance staff also sprays for mosquitos and other pests on an as-needed basis. Beds are edged in when spring cleanup is done and when needed throughout the year to keep a very neat and tidy lawn border.

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