I just wanted to compliment the workers who are working right behind Dawn’s home. They have been working so hard all week, my jaw is dropped on how spectacular everything looks. This morning they were even power washing the road and the workers are always polite and wave when I drive by. You really did a great job, I’m guessing there will be a helicopter taking some pictures of this work! Wow!

Both Jill & I are thrilled to have met you and are proud to have the Smalls team working with us on our landscaping. Smalls offers the complete package with great design, quality work, and magnificent people.

In fact, your people are a game changer. We have had the opportunity to interact with only a portion of your organization and the interactions stand out. Rhonda (schedule and operations queen, prefers pots that allow water to drain), Richard, Pedro, Michael (custom stone walls built to perfection are us) and Ash (the single best lawn guy period — the property always looks better each time/week Ash visits) all stand out as people who are great at their craft but also people you want to know and spend time with. Respect and concern comes through in every conversation and there is no question that what we as the client desire is the goal of your team to achieve.

We indeed are proud to know the Smalls team and look forward to many successful and exciting projects together. Your personal welcome, fine designs, and friendship mean so much. Please share a sincere thank you with your team for the initial work and projects completed to date. The next steps are exciting yet just the beginning.

Becky, Rachel (my daughter-in-law) and I stopped by Valpo Friday. We were getting a few plants for the rental house they are in. Just wanted to let you know what your staff was like when you were not around. They were awesome!! They were busy getting ready for your Bash and yet couldn’t have been any warmer and welcoming. It was later in the day and I’m sure they had already put in a long week yet they were great and made the experience fun. Everything looked great!! Sorry we were not able to attend. Hope the day was fun and congrats again on the award. I’m not one bit surprised! Thanks for doing what you do. You really are gifted and also blessed with a great support team.

Becky, I just wanted to write you to tell you what a wonderful job your guys did on our landscaping project!!! It’s exactly what your vision was and we are so happy! Your guys were fast, hard workers and left without a trace. Considering the heat, that is unbelievable. I’ve had so much trouble with contractors in the past but I know I can always count on you! Thank you so much! It is beautiful!!!


Nancy, Just a quick note from Regina and I to sing your praises as well as all those who worked on our job. The end result is nothing short of spectacular and we both want you to know how appreciative we are for making our outside so beautiful. You are an artist in your own way who creates what no one else sees. Thank you and your staff for your efforts, patience and most of all your creativity.

Thank you so much for planting 2 new BEAUTIFUL trees in our front yard! They truly look gorgeous! Thank you so much! What a difference it makes when we pull into our driveway or when we look out of our front windows.

We truly appreciate your extraordinary work!!!

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful and fantastic job Arturo did when he installed her pond and this year it even looks better.

I love my yard. I feel like it just went through one of those TV make-overs. Worst in the neighborhood to first!

Thanks mucho for introducing me to Darren. He did an awesome job lighting up your masterpiece.

They were so polite, nice, and caring.

They cleaned up. Everything just looks so spic and span!

Thank you for such a wonderful job!

What a pleasure it always is to look out and see Small’s Landscaping trucks and crews arriving at our home for Spring clean-up. George and his crew did an excellent job as always. Everything looks so neat and carefully manicured. This is the 11th yr. in our new home and we are just as happy with Small’s design as ever. The cars are even starting to slow down and look at the yard again.

What a pleasure to visit with Rhonda again. She too thought everything was looking great.

George, thank you for a great job well done. And thanks to your crew too. Hope to see you again in the fall.

Congratulations Nancy and Becky! It’s not a surprise you won the national award Landscaper of the Year. You always can pick out the homes and businesses that have the “Smalls” touch!! We continue to love and enjoy our yard.

Great Job!

Gary and I would like to take the time to share just how much we appreciate what you did for our home this October. We have never experienced anything quite like the two days your crew worked to complete what, in my opinion, is nothing short of a masterpiece. From the creative design, to the size and the condition of the plants, our jaws dropped. Not a day goes by, even in December, that we don’t look and admire our landscape. Those who have walked up our sidewalk are stunned at the transformation. Just the other morning, Gary went out to grab the newspaper and was stopped by a woman walking who wanted to know who had done our landscaping. I wanted something unique, and you gave us so much more. There is no wonder why Small’s is 2013 Landscaper of the Year. Congratulations and thank you so very much!!! PS… Can’t wait to see what awaits us in the Spring!

As I was marveling at the beauty of Spring outside my windows, I realized that I never sent you a note of thanks for the wonderful Christmas gift. The pears and treats were fabulous and we truly enjoyed them as we are now enjoying watching some of your handiwork come to life. Thanks for everything!

Being named one of the twelve Landscapers of the Year was an exciting moment for your company. To meet and learn about the other companies that we share this honor with was an opportunity that we will forever cherish. It was a great pleasure spending this time with you and seeing the fantastic work that has set you and your team apart from the competition. Thank you for helping set the standards high for quality craftsmanship in this industry we love. From one contractor to another, we wish you many continued years of success and recognition for the hard work and passion that you put into your business. Congratulations!

Words alone cannot express how grateful we are for the beautiful waterfall and landscaping you have adorned our shop with. People stop by constantly to compliment the beautiful flowers and ask who did it. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

What a beautiful surprise! Thank you so much for the Easter flowers. They added to the joy of the day. Looking forward to seeing you in the Spring (if it ever arrives!)