Aaron Residence - Project Overview

This country property is a beautiful horse farm. The horses are no longer there, but there are a lot of deer. Plant materials need to be deer resistant. The other major problem was a very invasive plant that is hard to eradicate. It took multiple sprays to finally get it under control.

The front specimen trees remained as did the large granite boulders. We removed everything else, including a broken concrete retaining wall along the staircase. The crew installed moss retaining boulders where needed along with new plantings.

As we got to know each other we moved around the house. While working in the back yard, we replaced a set of steps from the workout room. The owner and I talked, and they decided to remove the existing small patio and step from the house.

Installed was a new larger select flagstone patio with new sawn stone steps with a landing. The landscaping changed to wrap up this area with perennials, sedges, and ground covers.

An old fence that covered the AC units and generator was torn down and replaced with vertical flagstone to create a natural stone fence. A beautiful calm shade garden was planted that wrapped around to the bedroom deck.

Shawnee sawn stone steps were installed from the deck to the lower lawn area and plantings added.

Lastly, we expanded an existing bed along the pasture fence and installed a perennial garden to give the “living fence” look to the area.
The big test from this area were the deer. We did not want a buffet for them to eat. So, we planted the perennials and the next day we came back and there were deer tracks all through the garden, but none of them ate a plant. Success! The homeowners are over the moon with their outdoor area and the landscaping has grown beautifully.

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