Jones Residence - Project Overview

This landscaping is a total labor of love. The love of plants!

This design started 8 years ago in the front to create appeal. The owner loves to walk our plant yard looking for and finding plants that he must have in his landscaping. His love of the unusual, unique, and one-of-a-kind plants has helped create this plant paradise.

The existing beds were extended, and new beds created to hold these treasures. The owners’ existing plants have been transplanted more than once to accommodate the modern designs.

The back berms have been changing and moving with every new plant. The crew planted with a variety of Japanese Maples and mixed conifers. We designed the prized focal point in the landscape with a weeping Purple Beech and Cedrus of Lebanon. Outcropping stone and moss rock boulders are mixed in with the trees as finishing touches.

There was a small paver patio which was removed to accommodate a large Shawnee Flagstone patio coming from the house. This patio stepped down to the path and more steps lead to a lower seating area for the comfortable enjoyment of the fireplace.

Landscaping beds around the patio are layered with moss rock. Keeping with the rest of the yard, specimens such as Japanese Maples, Dwarf Conifers, and layers of color were added with mixed perennials, sedges, Mazus, and Creeping Thyme.

Privacy on the South side of the property started with a perennial berm surrounding a simulated stream installed to move water out of the backyard and off the neighbors’ property. Privacy isn’t a solid line but layered with beds of a variety of unique trees including Alaskan Cedar Evergreen, weeping white pines, Metasequoia Gold Rush, Sweet Gum, weeping spruces, Picea Gold Drift, Picea The Blues, Chamaecyparis Dwarf Hinoki on standard, & more Japanese Maples. We mixed outcropping with moss rock boulders to add texture.

This beautiful landscaping continues to grow as time goes by, making it a favorite to watch as it matures.

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