Koyts Residence - Project Overview

This project needed a revised look from the existing landscaping. All the existing landscape beds and berms remained, however, a few of them were made bigger for layering of perennials.

The owners were having problems with all the water draining into an Arborvitae privacy hedge. They were drowning and not going to last long. A French drain was installed along the driveway to fix this problem. Existing arborvitaes were transplanted from around the house to replace the downed ones.

Other plants from around the house were also relocated to existing landscaping. Front moss rock boulders were installed for layering and texture.

Lots and lots (did we say lots?) of new plants were planted for the whole yard, around the house, and yard berms. The berms were planted for impact from a distance. Around the patio or by the pool we planted masses of colors with grasses, Hydrangeas, and seasonal perennials. Landscape plantings around the house have focal points of interest to keep you looking and moving to see what’s next.

Existing irrigation was changed to accommodate new plantings where needed. The pool equipment was hidden using select flagstone installed vertically in concrete for a natural barrier. This landscaping will only continue to grow and fill in as the seasons pass.

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