Mull Residence - Project Overview

One-of-a-kind landscaping for a one-of-a-kind client & friend!

This project started with an incredibly old privacy hedge that was past its prime. The hedge was there to protect the home from the golf course and wild golf balls. The clients owned a large area beyond the driveway, but with the old hedge you would not have known it was there.

We had a design plan, but after the clients walked around our plant yard and tagged some must have plants, the plans were redesigned. The old Spruce hedge was the first to go!

Water tends to be an issue with some landscape projects. Water flow from the street and driveway was redirected under new the landscaping bed and out the side lawn area to drain boxes installed in the lawn. Beds were installed using topsoil peat to create undulating hills, and large moss rock boulders were added for layering and texture.

What made this such a fun and wonderful project was that most of the plants are one-of-a-kind. Starting with the must have plants, we added: Aexculus Horsechestnut 6”, Chamaecyparis Sparkling Arrow, Larix Hortsmann Recurved 9×7’, Picea Westemeyer, and another one-of-a-kind Pinus Koraienis Dwarf. Other conifers included a Picea abies Frohburg, Slenderina Pendula, Pom Pom Scotch Pine, Juniper Procumbens on standard, Japanese Maples Elizabeth & Summer Gold, Fagus Purpurea Pendula, & DEawyck Purple Pyramidal.

We added more color with Hydrangeas, mixed perennials, ground covers, sedges, and low grasses. It looks different from any angle you approach. Different plants appear as you move around the yard. A fun one-of-a-kind landscaping for one-of-a-kind homeowners.

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