Popa Residence - Project Overview

This homeowner had completed a renovation to their home, creating a need to update their very old, dated, landscaping to complement the new look of their home. A more rustic landscape plan was needed to show off the new mountain lodge motif.

The design was developed with a simulated stream to collect all the water from the driveway and move it to the lower yard. We removed the old landscaping and started excavating soil then started construction of the simulated stream.

As with many projects, changes happen. The owner had decided that a real waterfall and retention pond were needed to create that rustic look. The simulated stream was stopped and a new plan with a functioning waterfall was designed. This change called for more soil excavation, larger moss rock boulders, and slabs to create the waterfall.

The crew added eleven tons of moss rock boulders and slabs along with cobblestone, granite rocks, small moss rocks and oversized washed stone to build the waterfall. Underlayment was laid, along with a pond liner and a large 8000 gal per minute pump. More soil was installed with moss rocks to create the landscape planting that followed the changes to accommodate the new larger more complex waterfall.

Plants changed from the beginning design. The plants that were chosen were unique, and only one of each were put in the yard. Some evergreens added included a Pinus Ocolus Draconis 9×8’, Pinus Strobus Pendula 8×9’, Pinus Hillside Creeper, Picea Abies Pendula 9×9’, Picea Hillside Upright 3×10’. The Hillside Upright truly is a beautiful specimen. A few deciduous trees that were planted include: Japanese Maples Tamukeyama & Verdis. The color in the landscaping comes from mixed perennials, ground covers, grasses, and sedges. Hakonechloa Aurea & Carex Everest grasses were used to create woodland, mountain type landscaping.

The owner added Koi to the pond at the bottom of the falls. Their sons enjoyed walking along the waterfall, on the moss rock slabs, and watching the water cascade down the falls. Everyone was happy with the project, and the employees enjoyed watching the design come together.

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