Are We There Yet?

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


This weekend was not the first evidence of spring but, Wow! What a February. Who would of thought we would be firing up the grill and having a bonfire in February (yeah, I did that). Well, this is NW Indiana and spring surely was not here to stay. Beware of March. We saw everything from an 80 degree day to a blizzard, all of which were hard on not only us, but plants as well.


New plants will be arriving in our yard this month including some fantastic Japanese Maple variaeties. Some have yellow and orange foliage while others are a more traditional red. We are getting new and funky conifers (that’s kind of our thing, right!) to make your landscape as unique as you are. We also found some new perennials like Crocosmia Orange Pekoe, sedums; Wildfire, Lime Zinger, Blue Elf. Also on the way are several different Echinacea, and Heuchera, as well as some very cool Hens and Chicks; Golden Nugget, Watermelon Ripple, & Chocolate Kiss.

This is going to be a fun, funky, and colorful landscaping season. Are you ready? We are. So let’s GO!

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