Dripping Wet

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

dripping-wet-01Keeping a containers and hanging baskets properly watered is definitely the hardest part of owning them. When Small’s Landscaping comes out in spring and installs all of the beautiful new plants you are very gung-ho and water diligently. By the time August rolls around you start to slack off and think you can take a day or two or three off and lo and behold everything is dead.

A better option to your dead containers is drip irrigation. A drip irrigation system is a very adaptable, low-volume irrigation system that is perfect for hanging baskets, containers, and even flower beds. Drip systems limit wasted water usage by delivering water directly to soil. A drip system can be added to an existing automatic irrigation system or as a kit that attaches to an outdoor faucet with a timer.

So sit back and relax. Let the drip system take the daily chore out of your containers and hanging baskets.