Butterfly Bushes

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Few sights in nature are more delightful than watching all types of butterflies flocking to sip nectar from flowers. As with many popular plants, new varietals of these aptly named bushes become available every year. New Butterfly Bushes on the scene this year are the Flutterby Petite series. Ultra-compact, growing only 3-4 feet tall these plants bloom continuously for 5 months. There are three varieties of Flutterby: Blue Haven, Richly-colored two-tone lavender blooms; Peach Cobbler, with silvery foliage that perfectly contrasts with its peachy/pink/orange sorbet colored flowers ‘delicious!’; Tutti Fruitti, beautiful, bright fuchsia/pink with fragrant silvery/green foliage. Other varieties include ‘Miss Molly’. “Good Golly Miss Molly”, to quote Little Richard. Though not a Flutterby, this rich, sangria-red flower tops a compact plant blooming from July until it frosts. Ok, in review, Butterfly bushes bloom for 5 months, have highly fragrant flowers, are loved by butterflies while disliked by deer, and are easy to grow. What more could you ask for?!