The Big Cover Up

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


The beds are shaped and smoothed, the trees and shrubbery & flowers are planted, and the mulch is on the ground. Like carpeting in a house, ground cover is the last thing to go into the landscaping. Groundcovers serve more than one purpose in the garden. Undervalued, and improperly used, groundcovers are the Cinderella of the landscape. These plants are living mulch, suppressing weeds, conserving moisture, and reducing maintenance. They are the workhorses of the plant world. Groundcovers add another to your garden by complementing and enhancing the plants they support through variations in color and texture. Smooth leafed groundcover next to something spikey and rough creates visual drama. The subtleties of great landscape design can be witnessed in well placed groundcover.


We use many varieties of ground cover including dozens of Sedum varieties, Mazus Reptans, Ajuga, and Pachysandra to name a few. The variation in sedum alone is astonishing. New varieties are developed every year. Virtually any color or texture can be found to balance and enhance a garden. Ground covers, when well-chosen, can be as beautiful as they are useful. They give the finishing touch that elevates the landscaping to the realm of fine art.



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