A Changing Lifestyle

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


There is no question that the world is increasingly urban. As landscapers, this poses the question of; how do we landscape an apartment or a tiny patch of ground covered in concrete? The answer is a container garden. We have experienced fantastic growth in container gardening. A container garden is made up of hanging baskets and containers on the ground. They let you create attention-grabbing focal points with billowing blooms of color and greenery. Historically, containers were only planted in the summer with annuals. We have expanded into switching out the contents seasonally and using more and infinitely varied plants in the containers.


Container gardens offer an instant landscape look in almost any space. They add color, texture, movement, and fragrance where previously there was none. While changing out contents from season to season and switching plant varieties from year to year allows unending individualization. Those of us who are handy in the kitchen can even plant some herbs or vegetables in their containers.

Landscaping with containers can be as simple as one well chosen planted pot to a group of several pots along with a collection of hanging baskets making a statement in an otherwise unplanted area. No matter where you live, container gardens can add zing to any home.

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