Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

cravings-01It’s March, that wonderful month when we are all sick and tired of winter, snow, and being stuck indoors. When we get occasional hints of what is to come with spring, but alas winter is there to bring us back down. So here we sit; craving color and wishing we had planted those bulbs we promised ourselves last fall but never got around to. There is no need to despair though. We have potted bulbs to install in your landscape including Allium. Allium are a dramatic flower that look like gigantic violet, purple, or white lollipops. Some Allium can be planted all season and will flower into fall.

Allium Millennium is about 12 inches tall and has 2 inch balloon-like, pink/ purple flowers that bloom from July-September. Allium Alba has a white flower and is a little taller, but blooms just as long. If you are looking for later blooms try Allium Ozawa. It is a little shorter in stature and begins blooming in September and runs until November when the red/purple flowers give way to stunning gold and orange foliage. Allium also make wonderful cut flowers in the home. That is; if you can bear not seeing them in your garden.

So as we stare out our windows or prepare to put on that big winter coat again think about what is lying in wait under the surface of the soil. As winter slowly fades to spring our weary souls can rejoice at what is to come whether it be in the ground already or needs to be planted this summer.

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