Fall, Glorious Fall

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

fall-glorious-fall-02The changing of the guard is upon us. Summer is falling aside and we are heading into my favorite time of year- the one I look forward to all year long, Fall. I love how the bright autumn colors seem to glow in the sunlight while the crisp smell in the air and leaves crunching underfoot remind me of times past and awaken my senses. What comes to mind for you? Is it the smell of burning leaves or is it mums, pumpkins, crispy apples or warm apple cider on a chilly afternoon? The autumn sun just feels different, doesn’t it? Let’s not waste this precious time of year staying inside the house. We will be stuck there soon enough!

Right now, go outside, feel the sunshine, inhale deeply and smell the unique aroma of fall, then sit down and eat a fresh, crisp apple.

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