Fifty Shades of Green

Monday, August 4th, 2014


So you have a shady garden? All of your hopes for a bright lush garden are doomed right? I think not. You just need a change of perspective. Just let go of the idea of a riot of bright colors. Instead, embrace the many different shades of green and layering of different shade-loving perennials, shrubs, and ground covers.


fifty-shades-of-green-03There is more to love besides Hosta though there are some pretty awesome Hostas available. Today there is a splendid palette of shade plants that allow us to use foliage plants as we would blossoms, creating color combinations that last through all seasons. Using several plant varieties and versions we can spice up a shade garden with bright lime green, oranges, pink, purple, chocolates, and every color in between. So just stay calm and take a deep breath. Your shade garden will son become your favorite place to be.

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