Thank You Polar Vortex

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Life is all about perspective. Here is a new perspective on the polar vortex we had to endure this winter. The arctic weather we experienced this winter was difficult for us humans and we have the heating bills to prove it. Well, the weather also had a positive impact on the population of unwelcome insects.

The Emerald Ash Borer, which has killed millions on trees in the past decade is up to 80% eradicated. Other nuisance pests to be hit hard are the Gypsy Moths. One bug we have been dealing with for the past several years, the Bag Worm or Web Worm, was also hit hard. These little monsters have been knocking out Arborvitae left and right. They are also difficult to treat since you have to spray them early in the season to get rid of them. Crop-munching stink bugs have up to a 95% death rate so when the combines come out in later this year we won’t have to deal with those nasty fellows.

As this NEVER ENDING winter continues we can look forward to less pesky bugs. Hurray for the polar vortex!

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