The Beauty of Berries

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Did you know there is more to fall than leaves?

Callicarpia “Beauty Berry”, also known as French Blueberry have some interesting attributes. In the early 20th century farmers would put the leaves under the harnesses of horses or rub the leaves on their clothing to repel mosquitos and biting flies. Native American tribes used the leaves, berries, and roots, for medicinal purposes. This day and age in the landscaping world Beauty Berry is a graceful plant with purple or lavender flowers in the summer and revealing bright purple berries after the foliage drops in the fall and which persist well into winter.

Symphoricarpos Kolmagic “Sweet Sensation” is a mouthful of a name befitting of such a power house of a little shrub. They grow 30-36” tall and wide. Pale pink flowers in summer swell to beautiful, rose-pink berries that remain into winter. The berries really look wonderful against a light dusting of snow.

Both of these lovely berry plants will add yet another element to liven up the duller shades of fall and winter.

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