The Sound of Silence

Thursday, July 11th, 2013


I love to sit in on my patio surrounded by the garden I have crafted over the years. After a long day of work with the computer beeping, the phone ringing, and helping my clients and my team make it through the day, all I want to do is hear nothing. The best ‘nothing’ in my life comes from the sounds my garden makes. Sound isn’t often considered when we think about a garden. It takes a back seat to the more obvious sensations of sight and scent.

The first thing that catches my ear is the chirping of birds. The longer I listen to them fly around I begin to hear their flapping wings and, depending on the time of year, their mating calls. When the wind is blowing more elements awaken like the sound of rustling branches and tall grasses.


I find the most calming sound of my garden to be the flowing water as it spills over the waterfalls into the koi pond. This collection of sound is utterly mesmerizing. The splashing and popping of the water joins with the toad, frog and cricket noises for a symphony of peace.

When you take the time to listen, sounds abound in the garden. Take the time to calm you mind and you might even hear yourself breathing. Just Listen.

Since I seem to have visitors all the time my personal time seems to end with the sound of a car door and steps of gravel underfoot. Back to the noise.

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